6 Bad Skin Habits you should stop

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New Year but same old me but hopefully with better skin. I’m that person who can never have a ‘New Years Resolution’. When I do, I fail. It’s like when I declare I’m on a diet and start craving and eventually eat all the foods I promised not to. Nonetheless, let’s start this year on a clean slate, literally, by eliminating unhealthy skin habits like:


1) Not wearing sunscreen daily 

Sun damage doesn’t discriminate. It can happen year-round, to every skin type and tone. This step alone will prevent several concerns like premature ageing, hyper-pigmentation, irritation etc. Almost the most cost effective way to protect your skin and prevent unforeseeable concerns.

2)  Exfoliating daily

 Exfoliating gives you that healthy glow and does wonders for our skin. Not if you over do it though. Over exfoliating will damage your skin barrier which can take a long time to restore and repair.

3) Sleeping with makeup on 

If you’re guilty of going to bed with your makeup on, it’s time to get rid of the bad habit. We’ve all been there, being completely beaten by work after a long exhausting day you just want to crawl into bed. Before you crawl into bed, make a pit stop by the bathroom and cleanse off the trapped sebum, makeup and pollutants.

4) Neglecting your neck and chest 

Did you know apart from your face, your neck and chest are among the first areas of skin to show signs of ageing? Take the time to extend the love down to your neck and chest too.

5) Picking at your pimples

Unless you love dealing with post inflammation hyper-pigmentation, try your best to lay off those juicy bad boys. Picking at your pimples pushes the bacteria deeper into the pores, leading to inflammation, infections and even scarring. Instead, try patching it will be less visible to the eyes and will drastically decrease in size.

6) Using dirty tools 

This includes hands, make up brushes, facial cleansers and towels. You wouldn’t mop the house with the same old dirty mop head so don’t use anything on your face unless it’s clean! You want to avoid spreading the bacteria across your face at all cost. 
These are not cardinal sins, but eliminating small habits like these will help you develop healthy habits for healthy and glowing skin.



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