How to get rid of puffy eye bags

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Dark circles and puffy eyes don’t discriminate. They sometimes even come in pairs. Like any skin concern, they can make you feel self conscious. Moreover, making you appear older than you are and often are difficult to get rid of. While fatigue and sleep deprivation seems like the most logical explanation for their presence. However, there are other causes (but are not limited to) like eye strain, dehydration, age, overexposure to sunlight and lifestyle factors. We often resort to a hefty amount of concealer or sunglasses to hide these unwanted appearance. Whilst concealers are great, there are other ways you can help to reduce the appearance of the infamous duo. Try the following.


Getting adequate sleep

An average adult requires 7-9 hours of sleep. Any more or less and you risk falling out of the adequate range. Our lifestyle and commitments don’t always allow, so try squeezing in at least 6 hours every night if you can. Oversleeping, too, can contribute to fatigue. Yes, I find myself oversleeping at times.


Sleeping with your head elevated

Ever been on your feet all day and notice your swelling in your legs, particularly in both feet? Thats because fluid is pooling in the lower parts of the body from your position. Sleeping with your head elevated will help fluid circulate and not to pool under the eyes.


Cold compression

Cold compressions will help with any swelling and even help constrict dilated blood vessels. I have heard about applying cold tea bags which may help with stimulating blood circulation.

Try some Korean skincare online, especially the Laneige Eye Sleeping Mask. It contains caffeine which is great for contracting blood vessels, reducing inflammation and de-puffing. It also comes with a rotating ceramic ball applicator which gives the delicate area some cooling relief.

Or these fancy Petitfee Hydrogel Eye Patches that provides cooling relief to your eyes but also hydrates and brightens the surrounding area.


Eye Creams

Eye creams like the Klairs Fundamental Eye Awakening Gel is great for de-puffing tired eyes thanks to its cool gel type moisturiser and the added bonus of caffeine to wake up tired eyes.


 I spend majority of my time running around after my young children so to say I'm tired is an understatement! This gel makes my eyes look less tired and me a little put together! So glad I tried this product -Klairs


Adequate sun protection

Yet again, I am recommending you to wear sunscreen daily. I cannot stress this enough. Wearing sun glasses are also a great way to deflect harsh sunlight.


You may notice a significant difference with direct cold compressions and adequate sleep, but do give your skin some time to adapt to any new products you use. This can take anywhere from 4-6 weeks or several skin cycles for you to notice any improvements. 

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