Why you should patch test?

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Who’s been on a spending bender and bought home almost the entire Sephora Store? You just want to sit in front of the mirror and slather every product on? This is definitely not the way you should introduce a new product. This doesn't only apply to those with sensitive skin but patch testing should be a must for everybody. Why patch test? Patch testing allows you to avoid any potential reaction and a reaction all over your face is not cute. 


How to patch test?

Cleanse as usual and be sure to find an area that is not totally visibly like under your jaw line or the corner of your forehead. Apply a small amount of product to that area and monitor for any reactions. Give it 24 hours and should you react, then it should be evident by now. If it’s soon after application, wash off immediately. If you do, say annyeong - goodbye - 안녕  to that Korean skincare product.


What are signs of reactions (but are not limited to)?

Redness, itchiness/irritation and rash like appearances. Have you ever tried a new product, only to find yourself breaking out with pimples? This could be purging, a sign that your skin is adapting to a new product. Should the skin gods be on your side and things go well, slowly start to introduce the product to small areas of the face and eventually to the entire face.


Even if sensitive skin is not your concern, certain formulas and ingredients can cause irritation, rashes or itchiness. Products with thick and heavy emollients can also cause unwanted breakouts by clogging pores. By chance, if you have already slathered the product all over your face, don’t panic. Should you start to see or feel any reactions brewing, just use a gentle cleanser to wash it off.


Be wise and patient, take the time to introduce products slowly. It’ll save you the headache and heartache should things not work out. Do you have any tips to share? Leave them in the comments below.

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